Grab the full attention of your audience with a true video presentation, not a set of scrolling pictures.


Attract business and employees to your company using our customized video tours and branded presentations.

If you want to be found, get on YouTube! We provide commercial, business and personal high-definition video services. Do you need video for your website or social media? We provide timely and local response for your content needs!


Here at Columbus Creative Design, we offer several styles of our usual video product to customers.

Highlights Tour

With our Highlights Tour, we provide a video with subtle movement to create a calm atmosphere for buyers and clients.

Walkthrough Tours

Our Walkthrough Tours walk the viewer through the house from top to bottom, almost making you feel like you’re really there!

Interview Tour

With the interview style, we let you or a representative give a quick introduction to the tour, providing a description of the property with cuts to show additional photo and/or video to help showcase. Afterwards, we jump right into a walkthrough tour. This provides a warmer invitation and can add a personal touch to your video.

Narrated Walkthrough

With the Narrated Walkthrough, you get to introduce yourself and provide details about the house throughout the video. This makes for a very informational video, great for homes with lots of features.